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Our students have consistently scored higher on their GMAT, with some bright young minds even scoring a perfect 800! Our students’ exceptional scores have taken them on to prestigious universities such as Tufts, Brandeis, NYU, Notre Dame, McGill and Northeastern.*

Develop a Personalized GMAT Study Plan

In your complimentary session, our GMAT Tutors help you sketch out a plan for your GMAT prep, and answer any questions you may have. We start our GMAT private tutoring** with an in-depth analysis of your performance on a sample GMAT test, and then work with you on any areas of weakness, and strengthen your grasp of the skills being tested. Forget the same cookie-cutter experience you’ll get from everyone else. This is personal!

Do the Drills. Get the Skills.

Our GMAT tutors take you through the material step-by-step, customizing techniques and strategies to beat the GMAT through numerous practice drills, and sample GMAT tests. TPT’s GMAT Tutors really know what they’re doing! With years of experience working with people just like you!

Know the Test. Do your Best.

Our GMAT tutoring is designed to help you get organized, improve accuracy, increase confidence, and master the skills required in the math, reading, grammar and essay sections of the test.

*We also offer help with university applications and essays, as well as GRE Tutoring.
**What do you prefer? In-home in Boston or online GMAT tutoring anywhere in the world?

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Our GMAT Testimonials:

Hey just took my GMAT exam… Everything flowed! It was great! Thanks soooo much for your help!!! NYU here I come!
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— Jerome – GMAT – 2012, Jamaica Plain, MA

I got into Brown (my top choice!) because of these guys! Big thank you to my tutor! His GMAT tips and strategies were indispensable! And he knew how to solve every question I ever threw at him! Sheer Genius! Go TPT!
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— Bora – GMAT – 2013, Boston, MA

I am officially done with the GMAT as of early spring – I passed the 700 mark and was very happy to put it behind me!! Thanks again for all of your help! Hope all is well!
The Premier Tutors via email! via email

— Kelly – 2015, Boston, MA

I loved working with Talha and TPT. Preparing for graduate school entrance exams is a grueling process, and Talha’s teaching methods helped me solve problems faster, more accurately, and in a more organized way. Beyond his technical tips in cracking the toughest problems and improving my test score, Talha was also keenly attentive to my learning style and was able to tailor his teaching methods accordingly. I’m excited to start a full-time MBA program at Wharton in the fall, and I’d recommend TPT and Talha to anyone prepping for the GRE or GMAT.
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— Anagha – GMAT – 2014, Cambridge, MA

My tutor is extremely knowledgeable, patient and supportive. We began working together when I was at a low point in my studies and was slightly disheartened. My tutor gave me the tools I needed to stay positive and continue to improve my score and my studying. TPT is the only service that I would recommend for all types of tutoring.
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— Brooke B. – GMAT – 2012, Somerville, MA