SAT Pro Tips (Part 1)

For those people who don’t follow our Facebook page, here’s a round-up of the SAT Pro Tips that we posted this week! Remember the TPT SAT Champ Camp is kicking off on May 6th, so if you’re signed up for the June SAT this is a great way to get a headstart on your SAT prep!

SAT PRO TIP #10: You lose 1/4 point for wrong answers, so focus on getting a question 100% correct or skipping it entirely!

SAT PRO TIP #22: Try to come up with your own word for the SAT fill-in-the-blanks. Better yet: cover the answer choices, then come up with your word, and then WRITE it down! It makes it a lot easier to find a similar word in the answers!

SAT PRO TIP #33: You only need to “master” a handful of grammar rules for the SAT: Punctuation, Verb tense, Pronouns, Parallelism, Idioms, Modifiers and Subject-verb agreement to get through the bulk of the grammar questions!

SAT PRO TIP # 45: Vocab! Vocab! Vocab! know as many words as you possibly can! They do have some favorites—but you should aim to learn every word you possibly can! Take inspiration from books, magazines, advertisements, and look up every word you don’t know!

SAT PRO TIP #51: Want a 600 on any of the SAT sections? Focus on the easy and medium questions on the math and grammar sections — they are usually the first two-thirds of each section. EXCEPT reading comprehension — those are chronological!

SAT PRO TIP #78: Your calculator should be your last resort; you can usually approximate your way out of most math situations on the SAT. Brush up on your mental math too — it’ll save you precious seconds!

SAT PRO TIP #104: On your SAT Essay: spend 2-3 minutes brainstorming what you’re going to say about 2-3 real, specific examples (from: literature, history, current events, personal experiences, pop culture or famous people) before you start writing your essay!

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Best of luck on your SATs!

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