Learning Buddies – Partner Up and Share Your Knowledge

Learning Buddies

This article, “Continue Your Education the Easy Way by Finding a Discussion Buddy” was posted on www.lifehacker.com.  It’s a great website, geared toward technology buffs (that’s us!) and definitely worth exploring.

Have you ever explained a concept to a friend? If so, you probably learned that teaching someone else can be the best way to reinforce your own grasp of the material.  In fact, discussion-based models are used all the time to help students learn. Have a look at an earlier blog post, “Take Charge of What you Learn…

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find another classmate who might be having some trouble keeping up with one or two things—more of us could use some extra reinforcement than we’d care to admit—and willing to partner with another student to pool resources, so to speak. Buddy up, there’s strength in numbers!

Sharing knowledge, passing it back and forth, will make it more likely that you really absorb the information. And because everyone learns and processes differently, one of your friends might have a method or a particular explanation that is easier for you to grasp than your teacher’s. Ruminate, do. Throw around a concept until you really come to grips with it.

Have a great week and we’ll see you next time you need some more important study tips.

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1 thought on “Learning Buddies – Partner Up and Share Your Knowledge

  1. sehrish

    My ninth grade teacher gave me this advice- ‘the best way to learn something is by teaching it to someone else’ and since then i’ve tried to teach every thing that i need to learn to anyone who is willing to listen- be it my friend, sister or mother. currently in my university, we form groups and divide the study materials amongst ourselves so that everyone has something to teach to someone and there’s motivation too because then you’ll be taught something in return so that’s a very healthy process of learning i believe!

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