Leverage Your Learning Style: Part 1 – The Visual Learner

The Visual Learner

Do you like reading travel books with lots of pictures? When you’re studying, do you find diagrams and illustrations more helpful than blocks of text? When you’re listening to music, do you like watching the video, or do you find yourself imagining a video as you listen? When you go out to eat, how affected are you by the lighting? Are you better with faces than names? When you’re in line at the movies, do the posters draw your eye more than anything else?

If all of that rings a bell, you’re a visual learner! Your eyes are the gateway to your mind and soul. Now that you know what makes you tick, let’s go over some ways you can really use that to your advantage.

Avoid noise and motion.

This doesn’t mean you can’t listen to music or dance; only that incessant motion and noise will be distracting, so make sure you’re in a quiet, still place when you work. Given that you’re a visual learner, you’ll need peace and calm when you’re trying to absorb information.

Take notes.

You’re hardwired to process graphic patterns and visual stimuli, so your notes are a huge and integral part of your learning arsenal. Try it: if you want to remember something, write it down. When you try to remember it later, you’ll bring to mind the image of it written down, which will trigger the memory of the information.

Create illustrations.

These’ll be great as learning aids. Your brain is best at processing diagrams and pictorial representations, so convert your reading into pictures, graphs, tables, and flowcharts, as you go through it. This’ll make the material simple and easily digestible later.

Look around often.

Observe and fashion your environment yourself. You learn by looking, so accumulate handwritten notes, diagrams, and illustrations. These visual aids will provide a constant influx of cues and hints to keep your recall on a hair-trigger.

Did that help? If not, you’re probably a kinesthetic learner or an auditory learner. We’ve got all you guys covered!

To sum up, visual learners prefer peaceful environments filled with visual cues that maximize learning. Speaking of learning, your first tutoring session with us is free—click here to learn more.


The Auditory Learner

3 thoughts on “Leverage Your Learning Style: Part 1 – The Visual Learner

  1. sehrish

    This is definitely the most important part of learning. Taking notes while listening to a lecture helps you retain almost 50% of the course and then highlighting helps with the memorising and jotting down of important points as well. some people like me, like to have different colors for headings and subheadings and they like to have very neat lines with their highlighter, i think thats just a way of making something boring look a bit intersting and it helps me concentrate. Might just be of use to anyone out there!

  2. Omar

    Of all the three articles that talk about leveraging our learning style, this is the one I can relate to most! Need to experiment more with creating illustrations though, sounds like an interesting idea. Thanks for this!

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