The New SAT’s Essay Pt. 2 : How to Ace It

What ho, ye seekers after wisdom!

Last time we covered all the big changes you can expect when you write the new SAT’s essay, and we promised that we’d get into the details very soon. As we’re humans of our word, here’s the skinny on how to make the most of the expanded timeframe and new rules.

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The New SAT’s Essay Pt. 1 : What’s Different?

As of March of this year, the new SAT’s essay portion has undergone a pretty thorough overhaul, but fear not, college-bound scholars! There’s lots of new stuff to learn and keep track of but, as always, we’ve got you covered.

We’ll start with a quick rundown of all the main things that will be different come test time, but rest assured we’ll be getting into the depths of the changes’ implications very shortly.

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VIDEO: TPT: Your Go-To Guys for Great Grades

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The Ideal SAT Plan of Attack

From our years and years of experience watching students freak out over preparing for the SAT, we thought we’d do y’all a great big favor by laying out a step-by-step 3-month SAT plan to make sure you’re really really well-prepped and manage it without burning yourself out so badly studying that you’re no good at all on the actual test.

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Coursera – Free Online Courses From Top Universities

We came across a cool site we thought we’d share with our learners. On Coursera you can take free online classes from 115+ top universities and educational organizations. They have partnered with schools like Stanford, Yale, Princeton, and others to offer courses in dozens of topics, from computer science to teaching and beyond. Whether you are pursuing a passion or looking to advance your career, Coursera provides open, free education for everyone.
Source: Coursera – Free Online Courses From Top Universities

Quick Like a Band-Aid: There’s No Getting Out of Studying (So Don’t Put it Off)

Here’s a scenario just about everyone should be familiar with: you’re “getting ready” to “start” studying. So maybe you clean up your workspace. Maybe you make yourself something to eat now so you won’t get hungry later. Maybe just one more episode so you can really focus. We’ve all done it, and surely, we’ve all also suffered the inevitable aftermath—procrastination sucks, because it’s not even fun: while you’re procrastinating, you’re just anxious the whole time about the work you should be doing but aren’t doing, so really, just don’t do it. Get. It. Done. Continue reading

Has Going to School Become Obsolete?

The issue of technology and education has been a popular one for some time now, and it’s begun to raise the question, has the traditional classroom become a thing of the past? If we track the traditional classroom’s history, we’ll find that it had a lot to do with uniformity: 300 years ago, the British Empire thought it’d be handy to train all British subjects the same way so they all wrote in the same script, could read, and did math in their heads. All this was a great idea at the time and we owe much of our subsequent advancement to standardized schooling but times have changed, haven’t they? Continue reading

Slouchy Posture? Slouchy Grades!

Slouchy Posture? Slouchy Grades!

Who knew posture had so much to do with doing well in school? We always think of an over-concern with something as seemingly unimportant as posture as secretly totally unhelpful and only pushed by cartoonishly tyrannical principals and spinsterish and bitter teachers (I learned everything I know from The Simpsons). But — turns out you’re doing yourself a favor if you forgo your usual study position amongst throw pillows or upside down in a chair (I don’t know how you usually study, I’m doing my best), and instead, seating yourself in a straight-backed chair.

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