Want to Get an A? Do What Your Teacher Says!

getting the A

Nobody wants to be called a teacher’s pet, but the bottom line is that when you are in school, the teacher is the boss.  If you want to get paid in the real world, you have to do what your boss says. If you want to get an A in school, you have to do what your teacher says.  It’s just the way it goes.

Here are some things you should always do in order to get an A in any class.

1.)  Do Your Homework

We don’t mean to sound like a nagging parent but it’s the truth.  Missing assignments add up quickly. (Insert whiney voice) “But that assignment was only fiiiiiive pooooooints” or “But I’m only missing fooooooour assiiiiiignments!”.

Well, the difference between an 85% and a 90% is the difference between a B and an A. And the difference between four missing assignments and no missing assignments can be the difference between an A and a C, depending on your teacher’s point system.

Remember, every single point counts.  Do your homework and watch your grades improve.

2.)  Do the Extra Credit

Always, always do the extra credit.  Who wants to do extra work?  Not you, not me, not anyone. Most of us would much rather watch TV, chat, look at YouTube, etc.  But, Mr. Jagger will tell you “You can’t always get what you wa-ant,” which means sometimes you have to tear your eyes away from Facebook and do a little extra work.  That extra credit makes your teacher think you’re invested.

As teachers, let us tell you that that a student that shows he’s actively engaged in their work, and willing to put in extra effort, it’s rewarding and satisfying and gives us the warm fuzzies. You’ll be doing something for nice for your teacher too, so don’t skimp on extra credit.

A little extra helps—you’re not only putting extra work into your schoolwork, but more into your relationship with your teacher, which, you know, is nice.

3.) Take advantage of all the extra-time/office hours your teacher has to offer

Your teachers are always saying, “If you need help, just ask.” Or, “If you don’t understand something, come to me after class and I’ll explain it to you.” Take them up on the offer! Some teachers even have regular office hours that you can schedule in advance. Once there, actually, understand what it is you were struggling with, with no peer pressure and best of all, one-on-one interaction.

If your teachers aren’t available maybe there are teaching assistants.

4.) Study the smart kids

Those kids that get good grades all the time? They’re doing something right, so study their behavior. Where do they sit in class? How do they spend their free time? What does their homework look like? It’s not stalking if you’re doing it to learn! If you can get in on their secret, you can do better in class too! You’ll start noticing how the serious kids sit in the front of the class, giving the teacher their undivided attention. Give it a try for a week, see how it goes.

If you want to get better at something, it stands to reason that hanging out with people who do it better than you is a good idea. Some of your fellow students would probably love to give you a hand with yesterday’s crazy algebra homework. Seek these people out, they will be great assets and you’ll make a new friend.

5.) Hire a Tutor

If you don’t understand something, find someone who can help you.

Tutors are the people who can help you. Tutors are AWESOME.  We know this because we are tutors and we are awesome. But besides that, tutors keep you on track. They make sure that you do all of your homework and that you do all of the extra credit.  A good tutor gets emotionally invested in your academic life and makes sure that you shine your very brightest.  They are there to explain every little thing you don’t understand and to work with you until you do.

Just think of your tutor as the little angel on your shoulder, whispering encouragement during the test or when completing an assignment, making sure you remember all the right steps.  Tutors almost always get the satisfaction of watching their students’ grades go up.

Never had a tutor before? You should try one and see what you think.

The Premier Tutors have been helping students all over the world get A’s for almost 5 Years.  Contact us for a free hour of tutoring and see what you think.